Inhalator image

An inhalator is a hand held mouthpiece that provides relief for nicotine cravings. It has been developed for smokers who miss the hand to mouth aspect of a smoking habit.

Compared to using a patch inhalators are a relatively quick acting product – but how hard and how long you inhale for has an impact on how quick and how long the hit of nicotine lasts for. The longer and deeper you inhale the bigger the dose.

How to use it

To use it, simply add a nicotine cartridge to the inhalator. Prime the cartridge by twisting the two halves of the mouthpiece together until locked. Then gently inhale through the mouthpiece. It is important when using the inhalator that you position it to the inner side of your mouth each time. Do not inhale too deeply until you get used to how the inhalator feels and tastes in your mouth.

Inhalators are a fast acting product – but how quick and how long the nicotine hit lasts depends on how hard and how long you inhale for.

You can use up to six cartridges a day in the inhalator and the number of cartridges is reduced as the cravings become less frequent. You can also use the inhalator alongside other nicotine replacement therapies.


Although this is a popular nicotine replacement therapy, some smokers don’t like using it as it continues the hand to mouth action of smoking. Some smokers find this encourages further cravings.

Unlike other treatments, inhalators don’t mimic the instant speed of nicotine delivery you would normally get from a cigarette.