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How to use it

The gum is activated when you start to chew it. After a while the flavour of the gum will start to change and you will feel a tingly sensation. Once you feel this change you move the gum to your cheek to allow your body to absorb the release of nicotine. Once the feeling starts to fade start chewing again to start another release of nicotine. This is called the ‘chew, park, chew’ technique.

Each piece of gum can be used for around thirty minutes – be careful that if you have a drink whilst chewing the gum it can stop the gum working. Try to avoid drinks like tea, coffee, hot chocolate, carbonated soft drinks, alcohol and citrus juices for at least fifteen minutes after you have finished using the gum. You can have up to fifteen pieces of gum a day so it’s perfect for when cravings hit.

Two types of gum are available – a strong and a weak version. If you smoke more than twenty cigarettes a day the stronger gum will be more effective in helping you control your cravings.


The great thing about gum is that it’s been around for a while now so it’s been improved lots. You can get different flavours like mint or tropical fruit. The consistency of the gum has also been improved to make it taste just like normal gum.

Can I use it?

Nicotine gum is suitable for any smoker over the age of 12 years on it's own or with another form of NRT. You should not use nicotine gum if you are pregnant.